Street Light – Barcelona S914

Barcelona S914 ( 90 watt )


  • This street lamp adopt high power LED chip as light source, with good heat dissipation, low light depreciation, pure light color, no double-shadow, high intensity, high resistance of shock or vibration, etc.
  • Unique heat sink design perfectly combine with power box, effectively transmit the heat, thereby lowering the body’s temperature, ensure the life of LED chip and power driver. The heat sink surface have conducted anodic oxidation anticorrosive process, compact layout and beautiful, corrosion resistant, water proof and dust proof.
  • Apparent energy saving effect, use high power LED and it is equipped with imported high efficient power, save more than 70% energy compare with sodium lamp.
  • This product is also eco-friendly, with non-pollution elements such as lead and mercury. No UV & IR, good color rendering, so that it can truly present subject’s actual color.
  • Color temperatures are optional, meet different environment’s requirement, eliminating the depression caused by traditional lamps either high or low color temperature, visually more comfortable, and improve working efficiency.

  • Advantages

    • Competitive high value performance luminaire
    • Modular design
    • Using the whole structure cooling technology, obtain efficient cooling performance
    • Long life, energy saving, environment friendly
    • No Hg, No UV and IR radiation, harmless to human body
    • Easily and fast install, idea replacement of traditional lamp



IP Rating IP 65
Power Supply AC 90~305V 50/60Hz
Lamp Power 90 watt
LED qty 108
Lamp Luminous Flux 10'350 Lm
Color Temperature 6'500K
Color Rendering Index >70Ra
Light Efficiency (Lm/W) 115
Power Factor ≥0.95
Dimension(mm) 494 x 265 x 84