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Disinfectant Lamp UVC Ozone Lantern

Features & Benefits:
  • UVC light lamps that have a disinfecting and sterilizing effect to kill germs up to 99.99% (viruses, bacteria, mushroom and other microscopic particles / microorganisms that are in the air or surface of objects) that cause disease in humans, by damaging the DNA & RNA of the germ so that lost the ability to reproduce themselves and inhibit survival.
  • Equipped with ozone that can sterilize places that are not accessible by UVC rays.
  • Can function for air sterilization (refreshing the air and eliminating smell in kitchens, toilets, warehouses etc.), water or liquid sterilization and also surface sterilization for various materials .
  • Can kill dust mites on beds, sofas, blankets, blankets, towels, carpets that can cause redness and itching on human skin.
  • Suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, home, shops, schools, restaurants and others.
  • WARNINGS : Make sure the room is free from humans, pets and plants when using this product.

    Rated Lifetime 8'000 hours
    Lamp Type Quartz Glass
    Type of Ultraviolte Rays Ultraviolet C
    Product Material ABS
    Power Factor ≥ 0.5

    Lamp Voltage 220 - 240 v / 50 - 60 Hz
    Watt The intensity of UV rays Effective Area Product Dimensions (mm)
    30 85uW/cm² < 45m² 210 x 210 x 460

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