Manchester S511

  • Lightweight glass fiber reinforced with Polyester Housing.
  • Transparent lampshade.
  • High purity aluminum reflector.
  • The light distribution allows the recommendations of C.I.E 12 (second edition) to be met.
  • All metal parts are made of Stainless Steel and Aluminum.
  • The hinge of the automatic lamp cover on the housing after the clip is released.
  • Light maintenance can be performed from above in an ergonomic position for service technicians.
  • Dental plates with electrical units can be loosened for repair in the laboratory.
  • Electrical units ( Ballast, Capacitor and Ignitor ) can be easily inserted


Product Technology LED
Packing Qty 1pc/box
Box Dimensions (cm) 57 x 55 x 35
Gross Weight 10.2 kg
Net Weight 8.2 kg
Product Dimensions (cm) 79.8 x 42.5 x 33.1