HANNOCHS article

Date : 07 April 2022

Normalize Sleeping During Ramadan by Manipulating Your Room's Light

The urgency to wake up in the morning to eat sahur can make your nighttime sleep less. Changes in sleeping patterns during fasting are often the reason why the body is often weak and sleepy throughout the day. So, is there anything that can be done to maintain the quality of sleep while fasting?

This is because poor quality sleep can reduce productivity and focus at school or work. However, fasting also cannot be used as an excuse not to be enthusiastic about going through the day. To overcome this, here are some tips that can help you improve the quality of sleep while fasting, so you don't get weak and sleepy during the day. but first, please note that everyone has their own natural sleep cycle. The biological clock is in sync with the environment a person lives in wake up in the light and sleeps in the dark. Where naturally is the light during the morning and afternoon is white to yellow, and the light at night is blue. So that your resting hours can be normal, you can use artificial light effects for your bedroom. You can adjust the light in your room so you can more easily normalize your sleeping hours. The exact solution is to choose the best lamp for the comfort of your sleep, and you can choose a lamp with a blue incandescent.

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