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  • THREE in ONE (Create Our Atmosphere as Demand.)
      Three light' colour options in a single bulb (Cool Daylight / Warm White / Comfort).
    1st Turn On = Cool Daylight for: Focus, studying, working, drawing.
    2nd Turn On = Warm White for: Relax, dinner, party.
    3rd Turn On = Comfort for: Watch TV, playing, cooking.
  • Save energy up to 90% compared with regular incandescent bulbs.
  • To change colour, simply turn off and back on again in less than 6 seconds.
      (Light colour will turn back to "Cool Daylight" if it let off for more than 6 seconds).
  • Can operate within 100 - 240 V.
  • Very good color rendering > 80.
  • No IR & UV radiation.
  • Frosted cover, impact resistant.
  • Long Life lamp up to 15'000 hours and Save Maintenance costs.
  • Low heat radiation.
  • Product Technology LED
    Light Colour 3 light' colour in a single Bulb
    Rated Lifetime 15'000 hours
    Fitting E27
    Product Material AL + PC + PBT

    Color Rendering Index (CRI) >80
    Beam Angle 120º

    Cool Daylight (CDL) 6'500
    Warm White (WW) 3'000
    Comfort (CF) 4'000

    Lamp Voltage 100 - 240 v / 50 - 60 Hz
    Rated Power Available in 10 watt or 14 watt
    Power Factor > 0.5
    Watt Lumen (CDL / WW / CF) Height (mm) Diameter (mm)
    10 1'100 / 1'000 / 1'100 118 65
    14 1'453 / 1'323 / 1'417 125 70

    * Under Construction *
    Please come back later.

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    Create Our Atmosphere as Demand

    with just ONE BULB

    Create Our Atmosphere as Demand

    with just ONE BULB

    LED Bulb <b>Tricolour</b>

    One Bulb to create Our Atmosphere as Demand

    Simply using the existing switch, we could create Our Atmosphere as Demand with just ONE BULB.
    Unlike standard LED's, this bulb offer multiple light colour settings without needing to install several bulb with different light colour.
    With Hannochs Tricolour, we can easily change the light colour from Cool Daylight, to Warm White, to Comfort.
    Change the atmosphere to suit whatever we're doing.


    Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT), an important aspect of LED Lighting, characterizes how 'cool' (bluish) or how 'warm (yellowish) nominally white light appears. CCT of a light source, given in Kelvin (K), defines the colour tones of the emitted white light and is not an indicator of lamp heat. The chart below shoes a range of CCT.



    Easy Way to Use

    Simply use the existing Fitting E-27

    Just by using our existing fitting E-27, we are ready to go.

    Use the existing Switch

    We could change the atmosphere according to our demand just by using our existing switch. No additional installation needed.

    Three Light Colour setting

    With just 1 bulb Hannochs Tricolour, we could change the light colour from "Cool Daylight" to "Warm White" to "Comfort".
    It's all so easy just by clicking the switch (switch on and switch off and switch on again).